About me

I introduce myself


Who am I?... good question :-) just say this... simply Marilena.

Mom, sportswoman, vegan and enterprising. Characteristics that have fueled the decision to make a change in my life to realize a dream I follow for some time.

And so, after leaving the electro-acoustics field that even gave me a lot of satisfaction, I focused my energies on the achievement of the "destination" so that itself could become reality.

Realize the store cost me months of commitment and sacrifice, months in which my state of mind showed several times the ups and downs, but despite of that I kept in mind what was the goal.

My greatest desire when I started this adventure was to give to people the opportunity to get closer to organic, and I thought the best way to do it was to create a brand and packing directly to "contain" costs and offer an affordable product.

Io Amo Bio borns as a registered trademark, over then a real and virtual shop and in the specific section, between the categories, you'll find the products available right now.

I like to think that the shop starts firstly as a personal requirement (having choosen with great benefits a vegan diet after about 15 years of vegetarianism) and then secondly, but equally important, for desire to share with anyone who wishes my current well-being state.