A perfect blend of rice protein, pea protein hemp protein Great Taste and 100% natural flavour Smooth texture Contain all essential amino acids High in BCAA (branch brain amino acids) Easy to digest Free of allergens such as diary, soy and gluten RAW & Vegan

Aktiv is for everyone. It is good for those who are active, working, do sports and studies. The activated barley is the result of a natural process, unique in the world, where by controlled pre-sprouting of grains, the nutrients inside (such as enzymes, proteins, etc.) are reactivated.

Soy and rice proteins contain a complete amino acid profile very similar to proteins derived from milk and eggs, even if completely plant-based. They contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass thanks to a good bioavailability. Agave syrup contributes to joint function and the body's natural defenses.

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In the site, you can find a great amount of products going from food to home cleaners, to biocosmetics and natural remedies, everything in function to a "healing" global vision, made so that you can heal every aspect of your daily routine.

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Category I care a lot of is the one concerning the products branded Io Amo Bio that currently sees few essential references but i'm counting to expand soon.

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In the meantime, next to the photo of each product, you can find the specifications that will guide you in the purchase, such as the Organic logo (leaf green) in the case of certified organic products and "Pugliese product" logo in case of a product of my beloved Puglia.

I also selected some products that are not really organic, but by making use and consumption personally and therefore having tested the goodness, it seemed a shame to exclude them. Alongside these products the organic logo (green leaf) won't be shown.

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